Some Skullcandy earbuds will run two voice assistants simultaneously

Some of earbuds will be able to support two voice assistants at the same time. Last year, the brand debuted its own assistant, Skull-IQ, on . Skull-IQ is primarily about controlling audio, including managing your media player, adjusting device settings and answering or dismissing calls. It can launch via voice command as well. For just about anything else, though, you’ll need another assistant. That’s where comes into play.

The dual voice assistant feature was announced during an Alexa developer event. It’s not clear when it will be available on Skullcandy’s earbuds. Other voice-powered platforms offer multi-assistant experiences with Alexa too, such as and Pioneer’s NP1.

Amazon is expanding Alexa in other ways. It developer tools that will enable app and device makers to create Alexa routines and suggest them to users. Amazon sees the move as a step toward realizing its vision of an ambient, more autonomous smart home.

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